Requests to visitors

Due to the relaxation of restrictions on holding events by the government, the museum has started reaccepting group visitors  since September 19,2020.

We will take measures to avoid coronavirus infection or spreading such as

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No entry to the museum

―those who have above normal fever

―those who have cough and sore throat

―those who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the COVID-19

―those who have traveled to the counties or regions where the entry restriction is imposed or the follow-up observation is needed by Japanese government, and those who had close contact  with the residents in those areas within the past two weeks.

Upon entering the museum

・requesting visitors to wear a mask.

・limiting entrance to 10 guests or group tours at a time

・requesting visitors to put some hand sanitizer on your hands and rub it well at the entrance

・requesting visitors to check the temperature

・requesting visitors to write your name and contact information on the sheet

・asking visitors to maintain appropriate distances (1 meter or more)

・if there are many guests visiting, we may kindly ask guests to wait outside

・asking visitors to pay by credit cards or e-money

No services

booking the reservation of guided tours

the audio guide

touch panel in the gallery

To avoid novel coronavirus infection

・sanitizer at the entrance

・keeping the doors open and using air ventilation to enhance the air flow inside the museum

・staff will clean and disinfect the high touch surfaces, such as door handles and handrails

・removing instruments and goods touched by many visitors

・staff will wear masks and gloves, (and take care of our health)

・depending on the situation, entry control may be in operation

・we vigilant and informed of the latest information concerning the protection against, and prevention of, the novel coronavirus disease, issued by relevant authorities.

Visitor’s sheet

Please fill in this form for emergency contact ( if not necessary, discard in a month)

・Date, Time


・Emergency Contact

・Number of people


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