Bonsai Garden Guide

Our museum volunteers run occasional guides in our bonsai garden.

Dates: Every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
Guide times: 9:00-12:00(AM)/13:00-16:00(PM)
*During the times listed above a sign will be up when guides are available.
Please ask one of the volunteer guides (wearing a navy vest) directly if you are interested.
Maximum number of participants: Around 8 people per guide
Location: Bonsai Garden
Fee: The guide is free. *But you must pay the museum admission fee to take part.

Also, in order to prevent the spread of infection, please follow the guidelines underneath:
・Please wear a face mask.
・Please do not speak loudly.
・Please keep apart from other guests.
・Please do not exceed 8 people per guide.

【Please Note】
・We are not accepting bookings for these guides.
・As these are ran occasionally, you may not be able to attend a guide during your preferred time.
・Some guides may be taken in English, French and Chinese at times. If they are available, it will be announced on the guide stand. 

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