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Welcome Museum! (Exhibition Tour Guide)

Date:Every Monday, Saturday and Sunday
Place:Lobby, Collection Gallery, Bonsai Garden

Our Museum Supporters (volunteer staff) will run “Welcome Museum” tour guides of the exhibits every week on Monday, Saturday and Sunday.

Our Museum Supports (that are wearing a vest and a name tag) will guide guests through the Lobby, the Collection Gallery and the Bonsai Garden, explaining how to view bonsai while giving information about them. 
Please join a guide and learn all about bonsai!


Tour Guide Dates and Times:

Every Monday, Saturday and Sunday (There may be weeks with no guide depending on the availability of volunteer staff)
10:00~12:00 / 13:00~15:00

Estimated Time: Around 30 minutes

How to Join:

Our Museum Supporters will walk around the museum wearing a vest and a name tag. If you wish to have a tour, please ask one of these Museum Supporters when you see them. Our Museum Supporters will also occasionally ask visitors if they would like to join a tour.


Venue: Lobby, Collection Gallery, Bonsai Garden

Welcome Museum! (Exhibition Tour Guide)

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