Bonsai Cultural Exhibition for Kids

Place:Exhibition Room

From July 17 to September 1 , the special exhibition “Bonsai Cultural Exhibition for Kids” will be held.

The exhibition will include questions such as “Why don’t they grow up? and “How long has bonsai been around? This is a panel exhibition for elementary and junior high school students during the summer vacation to learn how to enjoy bonsai while solving questions about bonsai together with adults.

In the exhibition room, bonsai craftsman’s tools and bonsai-related toys such as , bonsai gacha-gacha, plastic models and figures will be displayed. Enjoy a variety of lovely bonsai toys, from newly released toys to rare ones that are already hard to find!

During the exhibition, elementary and junior high school students can visit the exhibition for free if they use the “study notebook” distributed at the lobby.

For more information about the summer vacation workshop, please click here.

オンライン夏休みワークショップ-こけ玉盆栽づくり【7月31日(土)】|さいたま市生涯学習情報システム (city.saitama.jp)

オンライン夏休みワークショップ-こけ玉盆栽づくり【8月1日(日)】|さいたま市生涯学習情報システム (city.saitama.jp)

オンライン夏休みワークショップ-こけ玉盆栽づくり【8月2日(月)】|さいたま市生涯学習情報システム (city.saitama.jp)

オンライン夏休みワークショップ-こけ玉盆栽づくり【8月3日(火)】|さいたま市生涯学習情報システム (city.saitama.jp)

Click here for the exhibition leaflet.



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