The 29th Sakka Exhibition (Japan Bonsai Artists Association)

Date:Fri, November 6, 2020 to Wed, November 25, 2020
Place:Collection Gallery

We at the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum are happy to announce the “Sakka Exhibition (Japan Bonsai Artists Association),” organized in cooperation with the Japan Bonsai Artists Association.

The Japan Bonsai Artists Association was established with the goals of enhancing the spirits of bonsai artists, research and study, and securing the social status of bonsai artists.

This exhibition will, over the course of three sessions, introduce a total of 27 pieces by bonsai artists in the Association. These pieces are magnificent, being the result of thorough efforts by these artists in maintaining them every day.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to appreciate these excellent works of bonsai art, with all their abundant creativity and the heartfelt emotions of the bonsai artists.

The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama
The Japan Bonsai Artists Association

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