Bonsai Chronicle; History and Culture of Bonsai

Date:Sat. April 16 ~ Wed. June 29, 2022 / Sat. September 17 ~ Wed. November 23, 2022 / Sat. February 4 ~ Wed. April 5, 2023
Place:Exhibition Room

A Visual Chronology of 1300 Years.

Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art form that has spread around the world.

In the long history leading up to the present day, how has bonsai been created, how has it been called, and how has its tradition been nurtured?

This exhibition traces the history of bonsai over 1,300 years, and introduces the path that bonsai has taken from Japan to the rest of the world through a chronicle-style panel display with a wealth of visual materials.

In the center of the exhibition room, selected works and materials from the museum’s collection will be displayed according to the season in which the exhibition is held.

In addition to the seasonal beauty of bonsai, we hope that through this exhibition you will learn about the history and culture of bonsai that continues to the present day.

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