Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Exhibition

Date:Fri. May 26 ~ Sun. June 4, 2023
Place:Lobby, Collection Gallery

The First Full Satsuki Azalea Exhibition in Four Years After the COVID-19 Crisis

In collaboration with Shigeo Isobe (of Isobe Midori-en Garden), this exhibition will introduce satsuki azalea bonsai in full bloom, highlighting the various colors and the shapes that their flowers take.
Please enjoy this once in a year experience and delve into the colorful world of satsuki bonsai.

■Fri. May 26 – Sun. June 4, 2023
■The museum will be closed on Thur. June 1
■18 Bonsai on display in total
※9 bonsai will be on display until May 31, then the remaining 9 will be on display after the museum opens again on June 2.
※The date of the display change may alter depending on the flowering period of the azalea.

Satsuki Bonsai Demonstration “Prune After Bloom”

An exhibitor will reveal how to properly prune azalea bonsai at this time of year to allow for the flower buds to properly grow into beautiful patterns.

■Date and time: Sun. June 6 14:00-15:30
■Place: Special venue in the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum Lobby
■Instructor: Shigeo Isobe (exhibitor, Isobe Midori-en Garden)
■Capacity: Around 40 seats ※You may observe while standing up
■Entry: Order of arrival from 13:30 on the day.
※Free of charge


Satsuki Azalea (Jukō) from a previous exhibition

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