The 32nd Sakka Exhibition (Japan Bonsai Artists Association)

Date:Fri. October 27 - Wed. November 15, 2023
Place:Lobby, Collection Gallery

“Without the artist, there is no art piece; without an art piece, there is no art.” -(Tomio Yamada – Japan Bonsai Artists Association representative and exhibition contributor)

We at the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum are proud to announce the 32nd Sakka Exhibition in collaboration with the Japan Bonsai Artists Association. The Japan Bonsai Artists Association is constantly furthering the artistry within bonsai while cherishing bonsai artists. 
This exhibition will feature group pieces from artists from the Japan Bonsai Artists Association over a three-week period. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy and take in the artistry from the numerous bonsai on display during this early winter period where the spirit of autumn can still be felt.

Fri. Fri. October 27 – Wed. November 15, 2023
Museum closed every Thursday
Opening times: October: 9:00-16:30(Last admission is 16:30), November: 9:00-16:00(Last admission is 15:30)

*Opening times on Fridays, Saturdays and on holidays will change due other events being held for the Le Tour De France SAITAMA CRITERIUM.
  Details can be found here: https://saitama-criterium.jp/sw2023/saitama-wheel2023.html

Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama – Lobby, Collection Gallery

Gallery Talk

Date and time: Sat. November 11 13:30-14:00

Venue: Lobby, Collection Gallery

Price of Attendance: Free of charge
      *There is no need to sign up beforehand, so please gather at the lobby before the talk after buying an admission ticket for the day.
*Gallery Talk is in Japanese only.
*Information on English guides during the exhibition period can be found on the page linked below:

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