Exhibition Guides

Exhibition guides are available to visitors of the museum.

Welcome Museum! (Exhibition Tour Guide)

Our Museum Supporters (volunteer staff) run “Welcome Museum” tour guides of the exhibits every week.
Our Museum Supports will guide guests through the Lobby and Collection Gallery, explaining how best to view bonsai with information about them.
We hope you will join!

Date: Every Monday, Saturday and Sunday (There may be weeks with no guide depending on the availability of volunteer staff)
Tour Times: 10:00~12:00 / 13:00~15:00
How to Join: Our Museum Supporters will walk around the museum wearing a vest and a name tag. If you wish to have a tour, please ask one of these Museum Supporters when you see them. Our Museum Supporters will also occasionally ask visitors if they would like to join a tour.
Estimated Time: Around 30 minutes
Venue: Lobby, Collection Gallery, etc.

International Gallery Guide (English)

The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum runs English Collection Gallery tour guides delivered by a native English speaker.
The International Gallery Guide runs from 11:00am and 14:00 on the dates specified on the page linked below.
By joining the International Gallery Guide, you can learn how to appreciate and what to look for in our exhibits, including the bonsai in the Collection Gallery, which are changed nearly every week.

Information on dates and times can be found here.
Venue: Lobby, Collection Gallery, etc.
Assembly Point: Lobby

*Please Note:
-An admission ticket is required to join the tour.

Guide for Group Visitors

Our Museum Supporters (volunteer staff) will take you through a guide explaining the basics of our items on display.
If you wish to request a guide for your group, then please follow the steps below and contact us before the dates specified.

1. Details
Available Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, French and Chinese
Group numbers: One group can be from 15 to 60 people. We only accept up to two groups per day. Only one group may arrive at once.
*Please note that it may not always be possible to accept requests for a guide depending on availability of staff.
*It is also possible that due to the health of the staff, a guide may be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

2. How to Apply
(1) Please contact us via email with the following information:
-Number of visitors
-Date and time of visit
Email: bonsai-art-museum@city.saitama.lg.jp
(2) Application deadline: Please apply at least two months in advance prior to arrival and by the 10th of the month prior to arrival.

*(For travel agencies) Please only apply with tours that are confirmed to be running.
*We cannot accept applications for guides after the deadline. We also cannot change the date of the guide after the deadline. If you have found that you are unable to arrive on the date and it is after the deadline, please contact us.

【Caution】 Please keep in mind that if you do not contact us after confirming the guide, or if you cancel on the day or do not show up, we may not accept applications for guides in the future.

Smartphone Collection Guide – Bonbi E-Guide

You can use the Collection Guide by scanning the 2D barcode inside the museum.
No specific app is needed to use the Collection Guide.
Enjoy our bonsai collection with a smartphone in hand.

Before use, please note:
・Please use headphones while listening to the audio guide and be aware of other guests.
・Not all items are included in the collection guide.
・You cannot use the Smartphone Collection Guide on other devices such as tablets and PCs.

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