Photo area

You may take photographs of the displays here at our museum, except for those in the Collection Gallery, the zashiki rooms and some select articles on display.
We welcome you to take photos to commemorate your visit to the museum.

When taking photos, we would like you to consider the following:
・Please do not use a tripod or a selfie stick.
・Please do not use flash.
・Please take photos at least 30cm away from the bonsai.
・Please do not step outside of the pathways.
・Some items may not be photographed or filmed.
・Please be mindful of the privacy and the experience of the other visitors.


Visitors to the museum enter through the lobby and are immediately treated to the sight of our “Seasonal Bonsai”, a bonsai which is selected to perfectly matche the season.

Bonsai Garden

The Bonsai Garden contains over 60 pieces on display, from evergreen masterpieces, to flowering bonsai in bloom, and deciduous trees wearing their autumn colours for all to see.

Exhibition Room

Art and historical and folkloric materials related to bonsai can be viewed in this room.

Bonsai Terrace

From the terrace you can get a view of the whole of the bonsai garden.

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