Special Exhibition – Life with Bonsai

Date:Fri. October 14, 2022 - Wed. November 11, 2021
Place:Lobby, Collection Gallery and Part of the Exhibition Room

Let’s start a life with bonsai

As our time at home grew during the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak from 2020, many of us were taught a unique appeal of bonsai. We started to live with and see bonsai more in our daily lives; seeing them bud in the spring with the spectacular growth of their foliage, observing them as they change into a deep red, to seeing the branches wither in the winter and then grow back in the spring. Through this we became more aware of the powerful vitality of plants and the beauty of the changing seasons.

As Bonsai have taken root as a small bit of nature close to us in our everyday lives, we want to share this experience with many others. To bring the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum back to one of its original missions of promoting bonsai culture, we chose “Life with Bonsai” as our theme for this our special exhibition this year.

In order to show the appeal of bonsai to as many as we can, we have invited 9 prominent bonsai artists and groups as guest curators in order for them to show us different displays arranged using bonsai. These displays will demonstrate how to live a charming lifestyle with bonsai and introduce new, fun ways to decorate at home.

Also, we will be asking bonsai enthusiasts from the general public to send in their photos with the theme “life with bonsai”. We will be asking for these over social media, so please send us one shot of your life with bonsai.

Regarding photography in the museum during the current special exhibition.

To allow museum visitors to fully appreciate bonsai in a tranquil environment, we usually ask that guests do not take photos within our collection gallery.

 However the current special exhibition was created with the premise to “share bonsai’s appeal as a small piece of nature close to us in our lives with as many as possible”. Therefore from the period of 21st October until 2nd November, we will be allowing photography within the collection gallery too.

 We do ask that you follow the rules below when you take photographs.

  • So that our other visitors can fully appreciate the displays, we ask that flash is turned off and that you do not take photos for too long.
  • Please try to limit shutter noise such as by covering the speaker of your smartphone.
  • Please avoid taking photos when other guests are visible in the frame.
  • Do not bring your camera all the way to the display stand.
  • Do not use a tripod or a selfie stick.

■Contributors (in alphabetical order)
-Chisato Tsumori (Fashion designer)
-Kaori Yamada (Bonsai artist)
-Mai Miyake (Artist)
-Petr Holy (Researcher)
-Ryo Owada (Photographer)
-Satoshi Itasaki (Architect and product designer)
-TIME & STYLE×Kato Mansei-en (Interior brand x Bonsai Artist)
-Toshihiro Takahashi (Editor)
-Yoshihiro Suda (Artist)


Everybody’s Life with Bonsai

We are inviting bonsai enthusiasts from the public to send in their own photos.
These photos will be showcased in part of the exhibition room.
Please send us your pictures showing your life with bonsai .
*Details regarding how to send your photos will be posted at a later date.

Slide Talk
One of the museum curators will be giving PowerPoint presentations explaining the highlights of the exhibition.
A recording of the presentation will be available on Youtube afterwards (unlisted). This will be linked below.
   Date and time: Saturday, 15th October and Sunday, 6th November 13:30~
   Place: Lobby
   Price of Attendance: Free of charge
      *There is no need to sign up beforehand, so please come to the lobby freely.

Saturday, 15th October

■Organiser: Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama
■In collaboration with: MODERNO

Exhibition poster (PDF Download)

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